How machine learning levels the SERP playing field

In this article Kristopher Jones, who is an entrepreneur, investor, and author, breaks down the steps in which he believes that SEOs should be evolving to keep up with the current and ever-changing Google trends. Mr. Jones touches on different approaches varying from...

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How to Spot Fake Photos on the Web

Advanced photo editing tools have caused increased difficulty in detecting internet photos that are not real, but that does not mean that you cannot find a variety of techniques to help determine if a photo is real or if it is a fake. Reverse image search and checking...

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Say Farewell to AOL Instant Messenger

AIM's user base has been declining for years, thanks to competition from modern chat services and apps like Skype, Google Chat, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and many others. All good things must eventually come to an end, and this is the end of the road for AIM. "AIM...

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These Tools Make Personal Branding Easy and Affordable

You should include a page that highlights your personal interests and another page that showcases your resume. Aside from that, focus on creating content. This can show your passion for your expertise, which can help you stand out. If you’re looking for work in...

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How to Find Your Purpose, Your Audience and Your Voice

When it comes to running a business, one of the most crucial aspects of doing so lies in the ability to portray your purpose to the team and the consumers in the market. This, consequently, leads individuals to understanding who their audience is, the type of voice...

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How to Navigate Office Etiquette on Slack

As business processes have become more efficient and automated in recent years, one of the foremost communication applications that has emerged is that of Slack. Understanding the best way to use the platform, and how effectively to navigate and respond to team...

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