4 Simple Web-Design Tips to Boost Conversions

Business websites are all about attracting customers, but there may be some simple elements of website design that people may be overlooking, which may be detrimental to the business. Designers should use color schemes and fonts that reflect the values of their site....

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How to Plan a Viral Marketing Campaign

If a social media post goes viral, this could be free advertising for a business or product. In order to construct a viral post, one must first understand why things go viral. A more charged post which raises strong emotions is more likely to go viral. It is also...

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Blogging Tips for Businesses – BBN Times

Blogging is one of the most effective tools in modern marketing, and knowing how to successfully generate traffic to your blog is an essential business tactic in 2019. Try to build your blog with content that serves as an online tourist destination. If people view...

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