If you want to become a successful teen entrepreneur, there are some sacrifices that you are going to have to make. You won’t be able to socialize as much with your friends and family as you will have to focus on your business at all times. You also will go through some periods of high stress that can affect your mental and physical health. Finally, you will have less time to have fun and instead will be living a serious adult life, which most teenagers aren’t ready for.

Key Takeaways:

  • A big draw back is having less time to hang out with friends playing games or sports.
  • You may disappoint your parents by going into business ventures as it tends to be riskier and different than most parent’s ideals.
  • You will have less freedom to just relax and take care of your health as usual. Your mental health may be hard to manage as well.

“As I got thinner and fitter I felt better, this reflected in my work and vice versa. I now know that health should be number one and having a healthy mind and body is imperative to succeeding in business regardless of the industry.”

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