Facebook Ads is a powerful marketing tool that is really good in generating leads for your business. However, not all leads are equally useful for any business, so in order to maximize the return and generate high quality leads, you should optimize the forms through proper set up. Lead form can help you bypass the issue of speed, which often causes potential customers to quit your page. Make sure you select proper type of form, given what your intentions are, and add some simple designs to your form, to make it look less bland.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s important to choose the right lead form so figure out if you are looking for more volume or higher intent.
  • Add questions to your Facebook lead form so that you can learn more about your potential customers.
  • Add a link to your privacy policy so that you can cover your business and keep yourself and your company safe.

“You can choose from two types of Facebook lead forms. The first is More Volume, which is the default. This is typically what people go with when they create a lead form. If you just stick with the default, however, you may be making the wrong choice for your business.”

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