You can gain a lot of insight about your customer base with the use of the tools that are provided by social media. Facebook and Twitter both have an analytics tool that you can use to look at how your customer base does certain things. Another form of personalization is being able to reach out to a customer who has a full shopping cart online that they have abandoned. If you reach out to them, you can see what went wrong at the check out process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Social media can be used to better target your audience through more personal content than traditional advertising.
  • Companies can go beyond segmenting markets and create engagement tools like quizzes and games that create more complex profiles for customers.
  • A Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) should be put in place in marketing to leverage research and monitor engagement. It should drive decision making.

“With the PVaaS tech, they created a Flavor Matcher app that matched users with different flavors of Cadbury sweets based on data from their Facebook accounts. Participants then received personalized videos using their Facebook profile photo, celebrating the “flavor match.””

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