When Ben first started creating videos for his business, YouTube still wasn’t an option, but after YouTube became a platform for uploading videos, he started to see a shift in his leads becoming customers. He discovered the importance of videos with regard to his business. There are several stages that go along with getting people to go from leads and turn into customers. An emotional reaction is often times what gets people to buy from you, they realize that they need something that you have.

Key Takeaways:

  • To explore how to develop an effective video marketing strategy, Ben Amos is interviewed on the Social Media Marketing Podcast.
  • Ben shares why marketers should focus on developing a video strategy, the key elements of the customer journey when it comes to video, and more.
  • He launched Engage Video Marketing Podcast 2 years ago as a way to connect with awesome people across the world doing amazing things with video marketing.

“His interest in video led him to a job as a film and television teacher and eventually to starting his own video production company.”

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