Web design has a curious and uncertain future. With so much new technology coming out allowing web developers to create complicated websites with great UI features using a simple tool, a revolution is bound to occur. The tools have only gotten better and more simple. There are interfaces that allow people to keep their heads occupied when they’re interacting with new systems, and this is a big advantage. With all these advancements, the dangers include ethics, overpowered AI’s and privacy concern.

Key Takeaways:

  • Web designs’s future is uncertain at the moment, as new innovations are frequent and ground breaking.
  • Developer tools are becoming readily available to help make complex layouts and UI’s easier.
  • VR and AR allows for an entirely new experience that has a lot of potential.

“But here’s the good news: to plug that gap, we’re currently seeing an explosion in developer tools. Pusher’s tools, for example, make it easy to build real-time features into applications, so they update automatically without users having to refresh the browser.”

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