Semantics and language have a powerful impact in people around us. Paul Grice’s maxims of conversation can shift entirely the way discourses are carried on fo a more successful end. In investing and sales these rules are essential, because it seems that there is a natural tendency in human beings filter speech according to these rules. For example, quantity, or saying just what is needed and no more is one of the main principles. Proving what you say using brief comments is equality important, as well as keeping the relevance of your words, within a meaningful context, and avoid being unclear or ambiguos, so that there are no doubts and questions going through your listeners’ mind as you talk.

Key Takeaways:

  • A successful conversation includes utilizing a clear and succinct initial talking point
  • Be able to provide your potential client with factual material that demonstrates the truthfulness of your words
  • Be aware of the direction of the conversation and make sure to stay within the current context

“Research tells us that we grasp the nuances of Grice’s maxims from an early age; a 2015 study found that children as young as six years old could distinguish the presence or absence of all of the maxims when listening to someone speak.”

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