Marketing by influencers is a rising trend and it is closely associated with Instagram. It is widely adopted as an important marketing channel certain to stick around for the foreseeable future. Content that is branded is created by a poster who discloses that compensation was received for this action, and it is different than the ad. Instagram provides tools that enhances management of your branded content, along with the metrics collected, avoiding reliance on poster provided data. It will also attract not just the audience, but also potential partners you may decide to collaborate with.

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to social media posts, not all marketing content is the same. Some posts qualify as branded content, other content merely qualifies as sponsored posts.
  • Ideally, post-performance, marketing data and the resultant analytics should not rely solely on the influencer.
  • To ensure such is not the case requires the use of a great tool, such as the Brand Collabs Manager tool.

“Branded content is when a creator or publisher posts content and discloses that they’ve received compensation for that post.”

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