Even before the pandemic, many companies were increasingly shifting towards having their employees work from home. The outbreak only sped up the process. Working remotely offers both benefits and challenges for management and subordinates alike. It may be tempting to micro-manage your workforce that works remotely, but that is often counter-productive. When starting remote work, it is beneficial to have a kick-off meeting that will set expectations, lay foundation for communication channels and frequency. Regular meetings with set agenda should be scheduled on recurring basis. Occasionally, having a meeting with one employee only can clarify any misunderstandings and can serve as an opportunity to realign the goals of an individual and the team.

Key Takeaways:

  • With companies shifting to working from home, managers are more concerned about employees’ productivity.
  • There are only three kinds of meetings that you need to hold to make sure your team is producing as needed.
  • After an initial meeting, have regular check-ins and offer one-on-one options as well.

“Scaling back the number of meetings frees up those who don’t need to be there and helps people plan their work schedules better.”

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