It’s a hard world for small businesses. Many die within the first five years and it is usually due to a cash flow problem. Obviously, new businesses are advised to be wary with their precious cash flow. That said, it is absolutely essential to develop an SEO plan as a new business. You can research your heart out and spend lots of hours devising what feels like the perfect plan. However, without investment capital that plan is going exactly nowhere. Unfortunately, without investing in SEO your new business venture remains invisible. For this reason nearly one hundred billion dollars is put into SEO annually by American business concerns. So, SEO is a must. That does not mean you have to spend a fortune. As a new business you can start your SEO strategizing within a small budget. For example, use local SEO options, optimize the content you already have and create new content. Start a blog. Find an affordable freelancer to check your keywords. Generate a press release about anything. Become a know it all about any subject relevant to your product. Blog about it. Guest blog about it. Create links with sites where you have guest blogged.

Key Takeaways:

  • SEO takes a lot of demanding time, work, research and other types of investment in order to succeed.
  • SEO has continued to become a more popular investment in the USA due to it’s need for most businesses.
  • SEO doesn’t need to be expensive, but most companies invest a decent amount in order to be noticed.

“But there’s no getting around it: SEO is crucial to reach target customers and increase visibility.”

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