Instagram is one of the tougher social media websites to convert traffic because posts can only contain links as plain text. While this is a respectable decision by Instagram, we have to find work around to convert our views to sales. We can use our bio, stories, or Instagram Ads to allow for people to click through. You can then use UsabilityHub free online 5 second tool to have people come test your landing page.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram is tricky for converting traffic because of it’s limitations for posting links on individual posts.
  • Make sure your landing page is coherent and clear. Make sure your CTAs are powerful enough to drive people to click.
  • Runnning a free 5-second test is a great way to see if your landing page achieves the goals you want to achieve.

“In this article, you’ll discover three tips to improve the chances that people on Instagram will convert into customers on your website.”

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