As the lockdown due to the global pandemic continues, we can all find interesting activities we can work on. For marketers, this may be a perfect time to grow their customer base, as many customers are actively looking for engagement with new content. The ways customer base can be grown organically are often not that unconventional. Paying attention to the voice of existing customers is a good way to ensure your product roadmap meets the market needs. Seeking advice from experts can be very useful in onboarding new users, especially when the product is novel and you are looking for first adopters. Providing incentives to the customers often turns them into promoters for your product, and you ensure that your current customers remain happy. In some cases, you do need to resort to creative, unconventional ways. Building the customer base does not always mean that the process needs to be costly, success can often come through creativity, a good idea and a little bit of an effort.

Key Takeaways:

  • Long-term customers are experts on your product experience, so listen to them.
  • Use a referral program to encourage existing users to spread the news of your product.
  • Educate potential customers and share your product in a non-intimidating manner.

“Beyond just knowing your audience, it’s important to recognize the type of content they consume.”

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