If you are social isolating at home, these particular board games may keep your business skill set intact. Aquire is a game in which you build a city, engage in the stock market, and learn a bit about real life finance. Brass is a game that takes place during the Industrial Revolution and you participate in building mines, factories and other industries. Diplomacy is a game set pre-World War I Europe and you will learn the skills of negotiation and how to be cunning. Risk, will last forever and the goal is to conquer everyone else and become the winner! Catan is a strategic game that allows you to build an island, including roads, infrastructure and cities. Trade amongst other players, this is designed for four players. All games can be purchased through Amazon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brass is a board game where you will build mines, cotton factories, canals and establish trade routes during the Industrial Revolution.
  • Diplomacy is a game that relies on dice and involves you creating alliances with other players as well as leveraging those alliances against others.
  • Risk is a great strategy game because it makes players think their moves ahead of time. When something goes wrong you also need to adjust on the fly.

“Acquire aims to emulate the real world of finance. Kids will learn how cities are built and how the stock market and fiscal responsibility work while adults will likely get an education of their own in how to manage their finances.”

Read more: https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/347885