Almost every website needs to bring in a profit of some form, even the ones you wouldn’t think about like an organization page. However, it can be hard to convince your page visitors to actually buy something from you, as studies show that up to 96% of visitors will not buy. To convert more visitors into paying customers, you can use one of a number of strategies. Here are 10 ways to get more people to buy from your website.

Key Takeaways:

  • 96 percent of your website traffic won’t be making purchases. To maximize the profitability of your site we need to convince the remaining 4 percent.
  • Make sure to describe your product’s benefits while making the usage instructions intuitive.
  • Demonstrate your product and make sure you have user testimonials to back up the value you offer.

“You may be able to generate a healthy stream of traffic through your marketing and advertising methods, but if those visitors aren’t buying from you, you won’t be able to keep your business afloat.”

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