Internet marketing should get your attention because most of your customers are online. Even if your business is local, you still want to reach out online. To get them in the door you have to get their attention online. With online advertising you can engage in two way conversations. They can ask questions and you can answer them. You can make them feel like their input is valued. You can even use their input as free consulting to give your customers what they want. This marketing is cost effective and allows you to be visible 24/7.

Key Takeaways:

  • 4.2 billion people are using the Internet, and your customers are among them.
  • Internet advertising enables two-way communication between you and your customers, whereas TV ads are only a form of one-way communication.
  • People can access your company’s website or social media at all times, making your business very accessible.

“When you see how effective Internet marketing is, you can start growing your business in brand-new ways”

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