If you want a successful business you need to follow certain guidelines so as you are not wasting your time. The first course of action would be to do the simple stuff, or things your know, first. Then tackle the big problems later. Then there is what is called the squirrel syndrome. Don’t be that squirrel where you are indecisive running all over the place to make a decision. Next, you want to evaluate your campaign and focus on what is going well. Then you can repeat what is working well and if there are things you are not skilled at, allocate those responsibilities to your staff. You can also multitask but be aware and don’t overload. Finally, try to do one thing which you can do very well, one at a time. You can still multitask but not with huge projects. Things should start to come together with organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Begin by focusing on areas that will create momentum quickly so you don’t get bogged down in less important details
  • Stay focused on your goals and don’t have too many ideas to work on at a time
  • Create a plan for achieving specific goals and work toward them daily.

“It shocks me to see how many entrepreneurs continue to get in their own way by focusing on the wrong things in business.”

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