Being a great leader is not the same as being led by a great leader. These days people are looking for inspiration and success but what seems to be missing? There comes a time when you have to do a bit of self examination and change things up or get off that never ending hamster wheel. This self examination must include the team as a whole. This is not an individual assessment but what does each team member need to reach their goals or the entire group as a whole. Be proactive with a real time check list of what is going wrong and how you and your team can turn things around.

Key Takeaways:

  • A good leader should focus on what the team needs in order to be achieve their goals
  • Ask for honest feedback with the willingness to actually make changes
  • A good leader should challenge their own beliefs in order to help solve problems.

“But to be the great leader for your team that they truly deserve, might require a mindset adjustment.”

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