If you are marketing via Instagram, it is important that you deliver content in a very unique way that makes the user stop and follow you so they’ll see more. You want your Instagram feed to feature various types of content as well as videos that can tell users more about your product and your mission statement. Make sure to have visuals that pop and a main theme behind your brand. Finally, make sure to plan your Instagram posts so you can have a set schedule and get consistent content out to your followers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose an appealing and appropriate aesthetic for your Instagram feed, and stick with your strategy and style.
  • Assemble your photos in a collage, setting a theme for your page. Make the mood relevant to your theme.
  • Preview and plan your posts, so that you can ensure quality and effectiveness.

“Take screenshots of all of the images you like on Instagram, whether they’re from a rival brand or an influencer’s feed.”

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