Some tips in how to increase your drive and motivation and staying healthy in your workplace include music and fun, Include both fun and music to increase employee satisfaction and reduce stress. Meditation and exercising and taking a power nap at work also increase productivity and creativity. Daily practices of including visualization, disconnecting from devices, cold showers to reduce germs and eating healthy will decrease stress and increase performance in the workplace. Getting a good sleep will tremendously help a person perform better the next day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Playing music in the work space can boost good vibes, but avoid music with lyrics and opt for instrumentals.
  • Visualization exercises can help you hone in on what you want and can create new neural pathways.
  • Certain foods like fish and leafy greens can give a much-needed boost to your health and cognition.

“Even if you have a small group of employees, you can build in social time to help alleviate stress and build camaraderie.”

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