Now that most things are available online, it is fitting that we can now study this too. A great way to get ahead in your career or to learn a new one easily is by taking an e-course. The brand SAP offers quite a few courses to chose from and boasts that you can learn a new trade as quickly as over one weekend. Their courses range from learning to code to game development. The courses are designed to be user friendly.

Key Takeaways:

  • SAP is offering a pair of ebooks on how you can use SAP Projects, the SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Activate to improve your business.
  • There is also an eight-part bundle that provides a detailed education on how to use Salesforce’s market-leading customer relationship management software.
  • You can use a ten-part ebook set to give yourself an in-depth education on the roles and skills of a data scientist.

“Whether you’re building a company from the ground up or want to be a more active player in your current role, understanding the technical tools and details that make your company run can be a major boon for your personal or business bottom line”

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