Windows 10 is the newest installment in the widely-used operating software, and while it may seem complicated, most of it’s new features are intuitive. As compared to Window 7, Microsoft has beefed up the start menu, giving users the ability to pin apps. The taskbar has been updated to allow for easier access to programs as well. Finally, the Action Center, which allows users to control notifications and settings, has been added for ease of accessibility.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can get easier access to your apps by pinning them to the right side of the menu.
  • On the Taskbar, you will find the battery, volume levels, Wi-Fi, the date and time, and perhaps a pen icon if you have a newer version of Windows 10.
  • The Action Center is where you will find notifications from Twitter, Facebook, Slack, and other apps.

“Moving to and learning to use Windows 10 might seem daunting, but the operating system features an intuitive user interface and some familiar features from older versions of Windows that will make you feel right at home.”

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