A disputed subject in the field of search engine optimization is the procedure of disavowing links. One should not be hasty when choosing to disavow or even considering to disavow links, as it is a last-ditch effort to be used in serious situations. When dealing with inbound links, disavowing could be considered for eliminating excess, unnecessary, irrelevant, or generally harmful links. After careful analysis and the weighing of benefits and detriments, one can disavow links that have been conclusively determined to be bad. Through solid link building and adapting to the evolving internet, one can definitely net some gains through well-implemented SEO.

Key Takeaways:

  • Jumping to conclusions and making rash decisions can affect good links that actually are helping your business.
  • A business should not be too open, and allowing of every link. Caution and emphasizing only legitimate links will improve site ranking.
  • Consistently improving the link is important, especially after an update. Even with a bad first experience, continuing the process of creating new links is imperative to success.

“Ultimately, the value of the link can be attributed to the value it provides within the content.”

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