If a social media post goes viral, this could be free advertising for a business or product. In order to construct a viral post, one must first understand why things go viral. A more charged post which raises strong emotions is more likely to go viral. It is also important to know the target audience and create a post that is easily understood, which may help it reach a wider audience. Finally, it’s important that the post provide practical value beyond being a simple advertisement. Following these steps gives content the best chance to go viral.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is crucial to understand why people share things in order to begin a viral marketing campaign.
  • In order to maximize your campaign, you have to plan your virality well ahead of time.
  • In order to grow you brand, you need to really work on viral marketing to reach all of your audiences.

“I sat down with him to understand how he formulates viral campaigns, both on his own Facebook pages, such as Faktglaublich and Video Trends — two of the largest viral pages in Germany — and for clients all over the world.”

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