Search Engine Marketing is one of the most effective types of Internet advertising. There are a few components to using this tactic successfully. You want to have a defined goal in how you will use SEM. You want your advertisements to be clever, and to utilize a set of keywords that fit best. Your campaign should also have an effective home page. Lastly, you want to closely check the performance of your campaign to see if it’s meeting your goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • As online marketing techniques go, a search engine marketing campaign is oft-promoted as one if the most time-effective and results driven venues to take.
  • Although your SEM campaign is inherently designed to get more traffic to your site, you will want to decide first whether you are seeking a quantitative increase or a qualitative increase in traffic.
  • To up your traffic in a qualitative manner, you will have to match the emotional tenor of your ad copy, ie witty, chatty, nerdy, snarky etc, to the target audience you seek.

“The first and foremost prerequisite of an efficient ad campaign is developing a relevant, industry-specific and goal-oriented keyword cloud.”

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