Long gone are the days of mass producing a bunch of fliers and mailing them to a list of people you found in a random location. Marketing in the digital world has become an art that can easily fail if you don’t have an individual actively seeking to improve their work streams. Josh Dreller’s new post focuses on creating successful funnel searches by viewing each search as a potential sale, understanding the path or funnel of a search and evaluating the search potential from start to finish.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most programs that are on paid search take undue attention and notice of to the bottom of the funnel while consumers do not use search engines that way.
  • The author recommends that SEO experts should use full funnel approaches in order to maximize their SEM strategy and get better results.
  • Because bottom funnel metrics tend to look better when considered on a weekly or monthly basis, many persons take it as very important.

“Recognizing when you need to push upper, middle or bottom activity with your campaigns is fundamental to a full funnel search approach.”

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