Right from the early days of the internet, content has been a motivating factor on how people interact with the web. Bill Gates was once quoted as saying that “Content is King,” and most of Google’s algorithms are centered around content. Yet, since content is important many persons do not know how to leverage their content in order to make a success of their online activities. In order to be able to execute one’s content well, the first step is to understand the primary goal that is driving content and which content should be focused on. For a marketer, their goal around content is to use content to acquire links, improve their keywords, and to assist them in having conversions. But the author notes that there is also a case for a fourth goal which is using it to create brand awareness. However, branding content overlaps with the acquisition of links and keyword growth because search is being used to increase one’s online visibility. The one advantage that can be gotten from brand awareness for content is pushing this content on third party websites where one can get referrals. The author will use this blog to focus on the KPIs that marketers need to focus on in using their content and those are links, keywords, and conversions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nothing has been so important in determining the way that we interact with the internet like content which many people say motivate them.
  • A quote that is attributed to Bill Gates is the saying that “content is king,” and content is what drives the ranking algorithm of Google.
  • In order to better understand the functions of content on the Internet we first need to understand the primary goals of content.

“But I want to focus on the three main KPIs marketers need to consider with their content marketing — links, keywords and conversions.”

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