When people began to realize that content is king, the landscape began to be flooded. Many people grew up with the misconception that they need to produce a sheer amount of content in order to succeed. But the recent algorithm updates from Google shows that Google wants us to choose quality content over quantity of content. Therefore, one can say that rather than content being kind, the quality of content is the king. This means that for one to have great value, his content would rather be few and high quality rather than be many and of low quality. Marketers know that in everything they write and publish, they must offer value to their readers and that means valuable content. Sometimes, this means that they need to know when it is that they are creating content that is irrelevant. The author provides ten warning signs marketers should use to know when their content quality is lagging. The first sign is when the organic traffic is minimal. When no one is doing searches on Google around the topic that one is writing about, then there is no need focusing on those topics because one is only wasting his efforts. Therefore, marketers need to know the information that their audience is interested in. Other tips are included in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons are wrong about content but if they follow Google’s algorithm they would know that Google favors quality of content over quantity.
  • It is now extremely evident that one needs to have few and valuable quality content rather than have several low quality content.
  • The sole aim of marketers on the Internet is to offer their readers and audience value whenever they are producing content for their consumption.

“A harmful misconception was born that the sheer amount of content being produced is key.”

Read more: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/irrelevant-content-warning-signs/309429/