Not one single person I know purchases a newspaper today or even discusses sitting around and reading articles for fun. Like most individuals, I get my news from a more available and digital source to not only save paper, but to save time. George Nguyen takes a few minutes to summarize the three highest ranked digital newsstands, how they work and some of the unique traits of each to that picking the right platform for your article isn’t a difficult process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Both Apple News and Google News allow users to search their database for articles based on topic and, or publisher.
  • Publishers for both syndicated services can monetize their content by using ads and review the results with tools offered by the services.
  • Google News is specifically available to users on Android, iOS and also on the web.

“Apple has also launched a paid subscription service called News+, a service that offers digital subscriptions to participating magazines and newspapers for $10 a month. We will dig into News+ further as the service matures.”

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