User generated content, UGC, which consists of videos, photos, comments, questions, and answers can give search crawlers important information so that they can understand the layout of a page and what to deduce from it and also provide relevance information to a search query. Another advantage of UGC is that it makes your brand to stick with your customers by making them feel they are part of a community as well as serve as a means by which the business can collect feedback from the website. Audiences can also talk to their peers directly and get direct information from them on your UGC. But one also needs to consider some of the disadvantages of UGC. These types of content can be low quality or even spammy. An expert on SEO says that to prevent the disadvantages and make you SEO count on UGC, you need to allow your audience to provide comments on pages. Doing this is comparable to crowdsourcing the SEO and it optimizes the pages on the website because users are helping you to target keywords that are long tailed by providing their content. One thing administrators need to be careful though is that their pages don’t look outdated. The pages should be refreshed with new content regularly.

Key Takeaways:

  • A good and simple way to generate more usable content is simply to allow users to offer feedback.
  • A plus to using comments, beyond the content specifically, is the fact that users will inevitably use an array of terms to discuss your site, product snd services.
  • Having a wealth of terms to describe a site’s product makes it more search friendly and provides fresh keywords.

“As our Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors shows, keywords and freshness — both of which can be generated by your users — can help improve search visibility for relevant queries.”

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