Most marketing experts will tell you that SEO rankings will improve the lead generation efforts of a marketing campaign. Therefore, they agree that search engine optimization is very reliable and valuable when one wants to develop and effectively grow a brand. That was why DesignRush spoke to experts and put together some of the best SEO practices that will generate results in marketing. The best three SEO strategic practices are highlighted in the blog. The first is link building. Link building is needed for a strong domain authority. This is because Google which ranks websites has to see proof that a website provides information and content that is valuable to rank it high. Having links on other websites that link to your own websites helps to make you show Google you have this authority. Brands should then invest in link building. They should create teams that would encourage relationships with other websites that would link back to their own website. The remaining two relevant SEO strategies are highlighted in the blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Of all marketing forms, a majority of marketers believe that SEO leverages the most leads which shows that to grow a brand effectively one needs to use SEO.
  • The first SEO tactic that has proven worthwhile in 2019 is link building because this helps Google to see that a website has valuable content.
  • Brands should do their best to invest in teams of professionals that would produce valuable linkable content in order for them to rank high in Google.

“, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, determined the top SEO tactics that are proven to improve website traffic, rankings and revenue.”

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