Many business owners are frustrated with Facebook because the social networking platform is not keen on sharing information about people who like those business owners’ pages. However, there are many ways to get around this and find out more about an audience. First, page owners can see more about who likes their page by exploring the “ads manager” tab, and then clicking on “insights.” A second way to find out about your own audience is learning about your competitors’ audience. In doing so, business owners can check out those business’ insights. Business owners can also use Facebook’s business tool, lifetime value tool, and the Facebook funnels tool. Regardless of Facebook’s secretive practices, it is important to understand that marketing is all about people, so it is crucial to understand your audience regardless of whether they are on Facebook or not.

Key Takeaways:

  • Due to the recent privacy issues that Facebook is having, it has decided to trim down the information the Audience Insights tool can give.
  • Many people used to use the Audience Insights tool to get insight into lots of data like what our web traffic was composed of and creating email lists.
  • One can learn to use the Facebook Analytics tool as well as learn how to cross-channel in order to be an audience wisdom wizard.

“Despite the oft-lamented vanishing of interests and these deprecated Facebook Audience Insights parts, there are still ways you can get some deep learning about your audience.”

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