The Forbes Communication Council recommends a number of ways that online retailers can boost their businesses using Google. The most central platform is the Google Shopping Feed, which is powered by a combination of Google Merchant Center and Google Ads. This is where you build your inventory. Google Shopping Actions allows you to then use this inventory with the Google Search, Express and Shopping platforms. Google Manufacturer Center provides an excellent means of cross-checking specifications and product information provided to Google by the people who produced the items with that provided by sellers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Google has made it possible for retailers to improve their revenue in many ways by offering several options that cater to their needs.
  • The author states that with the rapid rise of e-commerce, Google is one of the steady options that their customers ask for.
  • One can communicate his retail inventory’s information with Google through the Google Shopping Feed which is powered by Google Ads and Google Merchant Center.

“Once you have created your Google Shopping Feed, it’s simply a matter of uploading it to Google (for the vast majority of retailers, manually entering the information is unrealistic) and then regularly maintaining it.”

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