A guest post is when you allow someone to contribute content to your blog who may have a niche in the same industry as you. This benefits both you and the guest blogger, as your place in search engine results were naturally increase due to a large amount of backlinking. Your following base will also grow, as well as your reputation since it will contribute to the overall awareness associated with your brand once a prominent blogger contributes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although blogging is the new face of online marketing and all the marketing agencies are having a share in it, it is only the half face of blogging.
  • The other more creative side of blogging is guest posting and it is a must if you want growth in your online audience.
  • The term guest post or blog is when a blogger acting as a guest writer posts content on some other website’s blog section.

“No matter how creative marketing tactics you have, if you are not paying attention to guest blogging or posting then things can get complex.”

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