As a beginner entrepreneur, you have doubts about your ability to succeed with so little experience, credentials, and skills. Yet, if you have drive and can stay focused on approaching your challenges with an open mind, then you will succeed. It’s very important to step out of your comfort zone without being overly critical of yourself or comparing your work to others. Once you have a plan, commit to constant action. While you will make mistakes, just keep going and ride the wave of momentum that you are continuously building. Reflect on what you did yesterday and do something slightly better today. Don’t dwell on your mistakes. Look at failure as an opportunity to learn how to do something better next time. When you fall fast, you will rise even faster.

Key Takeaways:

  • According to the author when one has no experience, zero credentials, and no skills it is a tempting proposition not to try.
  • One the other hand, for those who are entrepreneurial they have a bucket of ideas in their heads that are bursting to come out.
  • The author is positive that when one against the odds challenges himself to go into action, there is a good chance that he will find a way that works.

“Sometimes knowing nothing is an advantage because it inspires you to approach everything with an open mind.”

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