As AI has evolved, it has become increasingly difficult to master Google’s algorithm and obtain a prime spot on page one of their search results. So how do you prove the value of Search Engine Optimization to a client? One way is to use an ROI model to show incremental improvements. Another is be to compare SEO costs to the chief alternative: investing on paid search. There are other methods as well. No matter which you use, the challenge of SEO is that it takes time to show results, so you have to work hard to give your client confidence that SEO pays off.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is believed that today it is harder to get to the top of Google’s page one because its algorithm has evolved through AI and machine learning.
  • To prove the value of SEO, you have to focus on the goals of your clients and also what will motivate them to act.
  • Some of the ways to prove the value of SEO is through a test budget, and using paid search data to show the cost of acquiring traffic.

“With SEO becoming more challenging and the SERPs constantly changing, how can you really prove the value of SEO to prospective clients, current clients, your boss or anyone else who wants to invest in SEO?”

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