The digital marketing world has been shifting away from its focus on keywords towards more emphasis on audience targeting. Google, Bing, Facebook and Verizon allow you to target audiences based on factors that include professional profiles, affinity/interest, demographics, device and location data and similarity to other audiences. Generally, you should use Target And Bid rather than Bid Only, except when you are involved in testing an audience. It is also very important to understand how different audiences will interact with different websites over the course of their conversion paths.

Key Takeaways:

  • Audience targeting, which has become a new marketing mainstay,includes making use of a user cookie list.
  • With such a list, you can calculate membership duration and figure out specifically the time elapsed since a member performed a specific action on your site.
  • When observing and analyzing actions taken online, it’s smart to consider activities in light of a path leading ultimately to purchase

“At SMX West, Christi Olson and Brooke Osmundson went over a variety of ways PPC marketers can use audiences in Bing and Google to improve the performance of their campaigns.”

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