Business owners may be missing opportunities through their failure to appreciate the importance of digital content to younger consumers. As a recent report indicates, 95% of Gen Zers (as they are called) own smartphones, and 55% are on them at least five hours a day. Businesses which fail to take these habits into account will struggle to maintain consumers in the future. One example of how to meet the needs of Gen Zers is creating mobile apps, which can be used not just for purchasing and researching products, but also for sharing product experiences with friends.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that he couldn’t have imagined a smartphone when he was 10 but a recent study notes that 95% of Gen Zers have a smartphone.
  • For Gen Zers, being connected 24/7 is the norm because 55% of them are discovered to be on their smartphones about five or more hours a day.
  • Given the statistics about Gen Zers, mobile technology is the future and if we don’t plan for it now, we would end up in history’s ash heap.

“The Center for Generational Kinetics, with a specialty in generational research and solutions, documented the trend to mobile interactions in its 2018 State of Gen Z study.”

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