Google offers a large range of tools to help bloggers and publishers boost their online performance. There are five great tools that can help everyone writing content for online consumption. Google Trends is useful as it allows you to track the seasonality of queries and what geographic location they originated from. While it doesn’t show search volume it can allow you to see how interest changes. A second tool is checking Google Autocomplete while using an Incognito tab. You will see what others have been searching for recently with 10 results each time. Google Analytics will let you see insights on your own website to analyze the traffic and keywords that bring people to it. Finally, the Google Search Console will let you see rankings, traffic, and site health.

Key Takeaways:

  • For those that are trying to get to the top of Google’s search engine results pages, the best tools to use would be those that were created by Google.
  • The Google Ads Keyword Planner helps SEO experts to discover relevant keywords and also their cost per click. It can also indicate keyword popularity.
  • Google Trends are used to track how seasonal a keyword is across time, view historical spikes in keywords of interest as well as popular keywords in different time periods.

“As well as being the go-to search engine for more than a billion people, Google also offers a range of tools to help boost online performance aimed at bloggers, publishers and anyone writing online content.”

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