As the internet becomes more accessible across various tech designs and devices, as well as those devices becoming more affordable and necessary to conduct business, website design so too must adapt. There are a few things that are key to remember in order to get a successful web design. Keep in mind the shortened attention span of the user, particularly the audience demographic for the product or service. Explore the different navigation options for client interaction. And if the goal is repeat business, and it usually is, try personalized options to create a better costumer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • The internet like other inventions that have been around for a long time, keeps evolving. Connection speeds are getting faster as well as the variety of connection devices.
  • Another evolving feature of the internet is the fact that the needs and expectations of its users are also evolving as the years go by.
  • Growing competition and the diminishing attention span of the average internet user are two factors that drive the trends we are witnessing on the internet.

“Considering all that, it seems obvious that 2019 will bring even more changes – what will be the hottest web design trends?”

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