How people run their business is up to them. Everyone does it a little bit different and has their own way of using the data they find to help them come up with a certain strategy. For the people who do not do this, you need to know that your data is useless. If you have data, then what are you using it for? If that data is not being managed well, then it is doing absolutely nothing for you or the business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maintaining a solid amount of data is absolutely worthless if you do not have a plan for it.
  • Using the data that is relevant to your business in a way that will help you is the key to success.
  • Some people are much more aware of how to use their data within the management structure of the company.

“Data governance is the seemingly less-glamorous piece of business intelligence, but it’s the indispensable foundation of a modern data strategy.”

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