The best way to grow your business is by having more money to acquire more assets that can help it grow. With that being said, revenue, or sales, is a great indicator of a company and how much they room they have to grow. One big secret that everyone should know is that revenue almost goes hand in hand with growth. Having higher revenue will allow you to pocket more money which, in turn, will help the agency grow at a faster rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • The largest and most important thing for a business is the amount of sales that it does.
  • When you are generating a constant revenue stream, you can begin to look for growth opportunities.
  • The higher you revenue means the higher your profits are so make sure to keep those margins high.

“And after years of work that didn’t pay off, my latest agency restructuring resulted in generating $70,000 in monthly recurring revenue in just the first year alone.”

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