In order to successfully manage multiple business ventures, one must truly love the work they are putting forth and the projects they are involved with. Without a passion for your projects some may be neglected. It is also important to have good time management skills and make productivity a top priority. Another tip for managing multiple ventures is having a reliable team of delegates that can act in the cases where you are absent. It is also crucial to evaluate the time and energy required before adding a new project to your list of ventures. Lastly, always anticipate and plan for the worst case scenario when entertaining business partnerships or joint-venturing with another company or individual.

Key Takeaways:

  • You need to love what you are working on or else you will neglect that project in favor of the ones you do love.
  • Evaluate the time and resources it will take before you commit to a new project.
  • If you are getting involved in a joint venture or partnership, be aware of all worst-case scenarios.

“It’s okay to work on more than one business idea if you’re smart about it.”

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