As business processes have become more efficient and automated in recent years, one of the foremost communication applications that has emerged is that of Slack. Understanding the best way to use the platform, and how effectively to navigate and respond to team members is a crucial part in being able to use it in a manner that empowers communication and prosperity among employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Slack is a large and growing company which is utilized to enhance communication among employees and departments. If used properly Slack has the potential to be more convenient and potentially quicker than email.
  • Etiquette using slack is guided by the etiquette used in your workplace. Messages should be sent with caution, and if it isn’t something you would say to your boss, Slack isn’t the place for it.
  • Use common sense. Slack is not meant to interfere with your work productivity. Used properly slack can enhance your companies workflow and communication. Be mindful of the time spent chatting on Slack.

“To avoid mistakes, and the potential embarrassment of putting something meant for a private channel in a public channel, use starring, muting and the other customization options built into the software to group your channels and messages by type, importance, or whatever helps you avoid [messing] up.”


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