The concept of marketing is something that has taken an entirely new perception in recent years, as online tools allow reach to increase in a fast and efficient manner. Journalists are now premier marketers due to their ability to produce effective and meaningful content that resonates with potential buyers, turning them from leads to conversions at an efficient rate.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every journalist possesses inherent traits that can take a marketing department to the next level, starting with a deep understanding that writings should be newsworthy.
  • Be sure to promote your company as an owned-media proponent that acts like a publisher, benchmarking the competition. Brand journalists can then step in to help you increase your digital footprint and solidify your authority based on research.
  • Your marketing “newsroom” — whether in-house or virtual — will become a bridge for the journalists and technology platforms to evaluate engagement. Remember: You don’t have to invest in an actual physical space for your publishing; part-time and full-time freelance journalists can save money while boosting your owned content’s return on investment.

“If you’re devoted to accounting, you should devote just as much time and energy to your owned media.”