Your business’s Google presence is important in connecting with customers. Design around your ideal candidate, and avoid too many links or pictures. Be discriminating with the information and images you choose. Be aware of search terms that could lead people to your website. And once the website is built, remember to keep track of how it is doing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Much of the advice involved using Google and other services – many of them free – to drive traffic to a business’ website and through its doors.
  • The first thing a business owner will want to look for is the basic Google listing that probably was automatically set up based on publicly available information.
  • Google advises that businesses make sure information such as phone numbers, hours of operation – remember holiday hours – and phone numbers are complete.

“Being online benefits the business, Caplan said, because it is capturing the attention of a potential customer at a moment of potential need, when he is looking for something to eat, do, or buy.”