It’s easy to limit yourself as a female in the entrepreneurial world, but recognizing and letting go of these self-doubts can help. First, believe in your strengths and don’t think being “feminine” means being weak or incompetent. Second, be confident in your accomplishments and don’t let people take advantage of you by accepting too much extra work. Third, stop thinking that no matter how smart you are, everyone around you is smarter.

Key Takeaways:

  • Women are often underrepresented in corporate America. Men are promoted at a rater 30% higher than women early in their careers. This leaves women remaining longer in entry-level jobs. Women often won’t speak up or showcase their talents.
  • This passiveness of women could be due to child-rearing and how women are often taught to be respectful, polite, and non-aggressive. Often women will internalize negative feedback from their youth and it will hinder their outward performances in the workplace in the future.
  • Women need to overcome the “not good enough” mantras they repeat in their heads. Women need to understand their strengths and showcase their talents more in the workforce. Women need to empower themselves and to teach themselves that they are worth it and just as good, if not better, then their male counterparts in the workforce.

“Too often, I see women harmonizing and keeping the peace rather than asking for what they want, because they’re thinking they “don’t want to be rude” or that “it would be too aggressive” to name and claim their work.”