Although it seems like a good idea at first, making a business out of your passion is not a good idea. You actually do less of what you love because you have to actually manage your business. Just because you’re passionate doesn’t mean the business will be profitable. You could make your passion a stressful thing instead of a hobby. Businesses are built on fulfilling needs, not passion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trying to make a business out of your passion may be a big mistake
  • In a business you have to worry about making a profit, buying supplies, hiring staff and paying the bills, none of which may be your passion
  • Making a business out of your passion may ruin your escape from every day life. We all need to have an escape that we enjoy

“No matter how passionate you are about a product, service, idea or otherwise, it doesn’t pay your bills and you can’t use it as a currency to buy things.”