Jeff Bulas goes into detail about ten essential qualities content marketing has. The primary focus of the article is that content marketing needs to be flexible, deliberate, and written in the mindset of longevity instead of “the next in a list of things”. He also briefly describes how content marketing impacts the writer personally.

Key Takeaways:

  • Content that reports the latest news in your industry is great. But it has a limited shelf life. Today’s news is old news tomorrow. It can be shared maybe once or twice. Evergreen content is content that can be shared for months and even years. And the thing about a lot of evergreen content is that it doesn’t fit the “new” content category.
  • Today the blog post is published and it is indexed by Google and can be found until someone turns off the power and the web. The television ad is uploaded to YouTube and if continues to make a difference as it is found by search engines. Treat your content as an asset. That is a different mindset.
  • Content needs hustle on a crowded web. It needs to be distributed and amplified. Grow your distribution, earn or pay for it to move. The global competition is fierce and vast. You are not competing in a village but in a world full data, information and noise.

“Building a big brand is a journey.”