There are 7 tips for securely moving to the cloud. The first tip is to know your own data. You need to really know what is happening now before you move your data. You also need to have a defined and enforced data life cycle policy. You need to know exactly what data is being collected by your overall business process.

Key Takeaways:

  • A few years back, an unmistakable trend emerged that cloud computing was growing in both percentage of organizations adopting cloud solutions as well as the amount and type of data being placed in the cloud.
  • From contract provisions to measuring costs incurred for the services to overall administration functions, the essential data duties listed are generally not for technology professionals or contracts pros lacking real experience.
  • You must trust but verify your cloud service – because you own the data. Remember, you can outsource the function, but not the responsibility.

“New concerns are rising about application security delivered through the cloud.”