The first, easiest way to start a list is to simply ask your existing followers to sign up but do it sporadically. Asking too often won’t get a subscriber but might just lose a follower. Once in a while create a post highlighting the benefits of signing up for your emails. It could be insider previews, special promotions or unique content not found anywhere else. Your bio link should send them to a special landing page. Create a special page that will continue a cohesive brand experience off the app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Emails have been the strongest marketing area, it’s good idea to keep track of emails on your social medias.
  • Your followers or fans would never get enough from you, they always wanted some new goodies to buy from you.
  • Your followers can be gradually diverted from just following you on Instagram.

“Social media provides a great way of discovering new customers and being discovered by them.”